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Working Paper Series

Letters, Letterness and Epistolary Networks (LLEN)

The ESRC Olive Schreiner Letters Project publishes a Working Paper series on ‘Letters, Letterness and Epistolary Networks’.

Some of the areas of the scholarly engagement with ‘the letter’ which the Working Papers series is interested in publishing on include, but are not confined to:

  • The complexities and porous boundaries of ‘letterness’ and its interface with other forms or genres
  • Epistolary networks and exchanges of letters and other epistolary forms (postcards, emails, text) within them
  • ‘Fictionalising’ and ‘factionalising’ in exchanges of letters
  • New developments in or declines of letter-writing and exchanging
  • Visual, oral and other renegade kinds of ‘letters’
  • Letters in fiction and film
  • Public letters, private letters and those in between
  • Pre- ‘writing paper & postal system’ forms of epistolarity
  • Letter-exchanges over time and patterns of social change

The Working Papers on ‘Letters, Letterness and Epistolary Networks’ are refereed in the usual manner. At the same time, the Working Papers are not intended as a replacement for or an alternative to publication in monographs, journal articles and book chapters, but instead as a means of publishing work which, for reasons of length and treatment, would not easily find a home in such publishing outlets.

The Working Papers series is an electronic on-line one which showcases quality academic scholarly work -

  • which is concerned with letterness, with the nature of ‘the letter’, with the character of epistolarity, and with any aspect of epistolary networks,
  • which is developed at too great a length to find an outlet in an 8,000 word journal article or book chapter, but too short for a 80,000 word specialist monograph,
  • which utilises source materials such as jpegs of documents, photographs, and oral data, which are not easy amenable to publication in conventional print form

The Working Papers will publish original research, of a substantive, methodological and/or theoretical kind. PhD thesis chapters and Masters dissertations will be considered for publication, so long as these are suitably rewritten for publication and reach the required standard. In the case of Master’s dissertations, only those awarded a Distinction-level mark will be considered, and reports from markers will need to be provided.

Papers published in the Working Paper series will have an ISSN number, date of publication, cover and all the usual apparatus surrounding publication. After refereeing, rapid publication of accepted papers occurs in PDF format (with a small number of print copies also provided). The Olive Schreiner Letters Project is picked up by all the major search engines and work published in the series will achieve a high number of readers.

If you are interested in publishing in the LLEN Working Paper series, please send an email with the title and abstract of your proposed paper, including information about its length and what kind of epistolary data or other materials it utilises, to Liz Stanley liz.stanley@ed.ac.uk, who will be pleased to discuss with you in a provisional way its suitability for the series. Once papers are submitted, they will go through a refereeing process of the usual kind.

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Access LLEN Working Papers:

Re-Theorising Letters & 'Letterness' 
Sarah Poustie
'I trust that our brief acquaintance may ripen into sincere friendship’: Networks across the race divide in South Africa in conceptualising Olive Schreiner’s letters 1890-1920
Liz Stanley and Helen Dampier
Olive Schreiner & Company: Schreiner’s Letters and ‘Drinking in the External World’
Liz Stanley (ed.)
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